Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation is always being a crucial process in any organization. A right implementation of Odoo not only saves time, resources and money but also results in a great solution that leads to higher customer satisfaction and growth of the organization. For LuNel the main point that comes into consideration is our customer satisfaction by providing them attractive solution consuming minimum number of resources and time.

Our steps for Implementing Odoo



Before starting the implementation process, we need to fully understand your current systems and the processes you have in your company. Whether that be one of our team members traveling to your business location to see how your manufacturing and sales process is done or a conference call with your managers of each department. Once we understand how your business runs we can take Odoo from its current state and build it out to your specific needs!


Project Management

We like to plan and run our projects with military precision. We start by planning out all modifications, data importation and time frame. We also keep in mind the budget and scope of the implementation. From there we can start to put all the pieces into a solid project for your company with milestones and set due dates. For larger projects, on our half-way milestone we will setup a test server for your managers so they can start learning the new systems.



Training is a crucial step in the Odoo implementation process. Without training users will not have enough skills to use the system productively and to its full potential. Multiple training sessions and tests can ensure that the systems are used to their full abilities. More advanced users will be given proper education about the benefits, enabling them to lead the changing management.


Ongoing Support

ERP systems are constantly advancing and growing. They require timely maintenance, support for minor and major problems. It is also a good idea to have a proper future upgrade(s) list. This will make sure that your ERP system meets the industry standards and is ready for the upcoming competition. The key to ongoing support and maintenance is to remain in contact with the us. We are happy to help and assist with any and all problems or concerns!